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Serge Gubelman presents “MANNA PRESENCE” in concert

“Next… The First Day”

This concert celebrates the first day of Serge Gubelman’s sixth decade


Friday, 25TH Nov. 2011

@ The Taoist Studies Institute – 225 N 70th Street (just West of Greenwood)


Part One , 7PM   A Benefit for the Taoist Studies Institute  (Suggested Donation: $5-15)

The music will be acoustic: performed by Mark, Terrance and Serge on Bass, Bells, Djembe, Didgeridu, Guitars, Hang and Ney.

Shoko Zama will accompany by creating a live painting.


Part Two, 8:30PM   Musical Performance by “Manna Presence”   Free Admission

Serge Gubelman’s Songs and improvisational pieces (structured by the three performers), conscientiously amplified.

Performed by:

SERGE GUBELMAN who will sing and also play Bells, Djembe, Didgeridu, Hang and the Waterphone.

MARK FAUVER will play the Keyboards and Windsynth, as well as guide/play the “digital brain”.

TERRANCE STEARNS will play Double Bass, electric and acoustic Guitars and Ney.


performance info here

here are some lyrics