Serge Gubelman presents “MANNA PRESENCE” in concert


“Next… The First Day”

This concert celebrates the first day of Serge Gubelman’s sixth decade


Friday, 25TH Nov. 2011

@ The Taoist Studies Institute – 225 N 70th Street (just West of Greenwood)


Part One , 7PM   A Benefit for the Taoist Studies Institute  (Suggested Donation: $5-15)

The music will be acoustic: performed by Mark, Terrance and Serge on Double Bass, Bells, Djembe, Didgeridu, Guitars, Hang and Ney.

Shoko Zama will accompany by creating a live painting.


Part Two, 8:30PM   Musical Performance by “Manna Presence”   Free Admission

Serge Gubelman’s Songs and improvisational pieces (structured by the three performers), conscientiously amplified.


SERGE GUBELMAN will sing and also play Bells, Djembe, Didgeridu, Hang and the Waterphone.

MARK FAUVER will play the Keyboards and Windsynth, as well as guide/play the “digital brain”.

TERRANCE STEARNS will play Double Bass, electric and acoustic Guitars and Ney.