Please hear some of the sound:

Some of the music that will be featured on the upcoming CDs



HANG UN (1)        1.04mn

Serge: Hang.

LUMINOSITY*            6.15mn

Serge: vocals, bells

Mark fauver: windsynth, flute effects, electronics

Terrance Stearns: guitar loops

Bill Patton: lead and acoustic guitars

Davis Martin: drums

W’HEATHER*        6.13mn

Serge: vocals, piano, djembe snare, marimba chimes

Mark Fauver: hammered bass, electric piano, electronics

Bill Patton: guitars

Davis Martin: drums

DULCIE DROPS            .40mn

Serge: fingered dulcimer

MOMAGI*                 4.00mn

Serge: vocals

Mark Fauver: keyboards

DOUZE (12)                .45mn

Serge: Hang.

LOWONLY*                2.51mn

Serge: voice, ghaita, bowed cymbals, bowed bell, drum

Mark Fauver: tambourine & drones

DULCIFALLS – 98155   .38mn

Serge: fingered dulcimer

NEED TO SEED       10.47mn

Serge: vocals,

Terrance Stearns: guitaron, guitar loop, trumpet

Bill Patton: lead guitars

Davis Martin: drums

Mark Fauver: piano

Jane Hall: udu

Mark Renner: kalimba


CHER PAPI CHARLIE                 3.27mn

Serge: voice, didgeridus

TREIZE (13)                7.08mn

Serge: Hang


Composed and directed by Serge Gubelman

Produced and engineered by Mark Fauver

Mastered by Drew Cady


All compositions by Serge Gubelman

except “NEED TO SEED” by S.Gubelman/L.Winston/S.Gubelman

*Songs co-arranged by Mark and Serge

All programming by Mark Fauver

Mixed by Drew Cady and Mark Fauver

Mastered by Drew Cady/seismic island lab

Cover design/art by James Koehnline


Thanks to:

Mark Fauver without whom … ?

Terrance Stearns, Bill Patton, Davis Martin,

Jane Hall, Mark Renner and, of course Leslie Winston

for their artistry and energy.

And to Elio Scudieri, Michael Maricle & Ines Andrade, W. Carlos,

Tito Fuentes, Walter Maenhout, Ilona Fauver, Julie Nye.

And Hanna & Sean Dayé.