Luminosity, lu mi

Luminosity…  dreamatize my day,


free from the darkness of unknowing,

endowed with ability to cognize.


radiant into visible energy.

  the variable sensitivity of the eye

  bending of light as it passes from medium to medium


Luminosity is absolute brightness

We all   got one

Luminosity…  dreamatize my day,


You will find it           in the sun haze of the burning anthill

Spring leaf to the touch

In the yellow, of the blue dusk of igloos

In the yellow/red of your body,

In the blue wood, on the bed of love gaze

                             Fall leaf on path plays

close up, grainy, fine transparent skin lumi.


Eyes shut peace…        the miles


And now, the rays from shade                                                  

Around the lighthouse by day

Or night steam, along elevated freeway


When piggybacking the sideways climb

means anchoring in the fissures, of our mind

Other’s luminosity, helps me see

The giant rolling of Lumi-mist, also my equity



Luminosity…  dreamatize my way, 


Held inside the expanding wall of droplets

Awash in pastels…    the tingle,


Luminosity dissolves hardness

It dims the sadness

Thins fright eroding potion

And carves gray cloud, into a bunny


It will trigger In you, the core of the heat you seek

And manufabricate, joy with action…ism

Lumi inspiration is

The elusive candle star, arresting

Luminosity of reflection

Is Fetal to birth lumi      And Lumi premortal


Free from the darkness of unknowing,

endowed with ability to cognize. 


Luminosity…  dreamatize my way,


Reveilles-toi luminositée! LULU, Luminositée



(Wake up)