The energy that was not exchanged Went overhead,

Sparked a wide epic storm!

ItÕs the child that was not conceived at those times

That exploded at the first upper layer god,

And bothered, cleaned and killed... not only the weak.

It put me on hold, vacuumed my insides,

Drenched my humors,

Pushed me in that well... so dark, so deep

That hope could not avoid me anymore

And came as a ray through the slit in the door

That had gone unnoticed before

But it was a storm,

There had been, too much wind, too much water

And it descended too fast to manage

Was too short to process itÕs damage

As it unfolded and Ripped the controls of my time machine, Landed me in this other ring.

I could hear someone counting And every number 9 would wake me up, onto more counting till 9,

Eventually letting me rise, to resume the fight!

There, of course: the lights, the roar and the carrot

Made me responsible and brought me back here.

This is the weather, this was the woo Heather

This was the weather, this is the woo Heather

No no no... may be, no maybe, may be, no, no, no...may be no, no This is the weather, this is the woo Heather


All I wanted to do, was show up, see the view