SERGE GUBELMAN (Manna Presence):
A multidisciplinary artist. Studied acting, mime with Etienne Decrous, acrobatics and percussion, in Paris.
In 1970 he joined “La Mama” in London. In 1971 acted in “1789” by “Theatre du soleil”.
In 1972/3 worked with Peter Brook’s CIRT and Philippe Petit. He was invited to NYC by Ellen Stewart in 1974.
 The music for his first Show in NY was composed by Henry Krieger. In 74/75 he danced with Robert Wilson.
 He acted on stage opposite Divine in 1976. Made unique musical instruments for 2 Broadway shows directed by Tom O’Horgan in 77/78.
In 1979 he choreographed and was the lead dancer for “Starmania” in Paris.
The same year saw a trip to the Baka Pygmies in Cameroon.
From 1983 to 85 he toured all sizes of venues in Europe. 1986 marks the birth of son Sean Dayé.
In 1990 he composed the music for the Yale Repertory theatre production of “Troylus & Cressida” directed by Andrei Belgrader. Also performed music With dancer Min Tanaka.
He was part of the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit in Seattle‘s children’s hospital & in NYC.
Photography work for Michael Apted and E.M.P.
He has enjoyed associations with Tom O’Horgan and Maryse Alberti spanning 3 decades.
His latest appearance in film or video is Corrie Befort’s “Slip Cadence”.
Directed the documentary “Nature of the sound” about the Issaquah HSs Philharmonic
Serge recently released the music in 3 CDs that supports his project “Ark Of Sound”


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