Palate (2014)

These improvised pieces were recorded during the Summer of 2012
in the 2 million gallon underground cistern at Fort Worden WA. 
this is a stereo mix from surround sound 5.1 originals.

Released November 24, 2014

Recorded by Drew Cady with Mark Fauver
Mixed and mastered by Drew Cady
Composed and directed by Serge Gubelman


Contemplations (2014)

An eclectic collection of on location spontaneous compositions.

Released December 18, 2014

Composed and directed by Serge Gubelman


Letters On Leaves (2014)

Released November 24, 2014

Composed and directed by Serge Gubelman




Introducing a musical instrument as big as a stage!
One can play the floor, walls, and other parts of its structure. 
This playground/concert/theater is the prototype of an ark that can weigh anchor in inner cities, or set sail to remote places in developing countries. 
Shaped like the opening of a Nautilus Shell it will act as a natural amplifier. 
The Ark of Sound is designed for easy assembly and dismantling, making it an exotic traveling event.

We will document the adventures of this Ark from day one: 
The construction stage and the rehearsal process will be recorded on digital video and the live events on super 16mm film. 
The Ark is designed for traveling to such distant places as Africa, India, China and inner cities along the way. The inherent exchange of musical craft and culture, along with the surprise element in the newness of the Ark sound sources, will certainly generate colorful situations.
We believe this footage will be along the same vein as the 1993 documentary Latcho Drom and the anthropology films of the 1970's, (i.e. The Nuer)


Hanging Marimba played from a platform above